Testers are like mirrors

Testing Team is a risk informer team. You can bias them. You can call it Agile. You can call something DevOps. At the end – you need someone to act like a mirror. And that job is incredibly hard. It is not easy to be a mirror. The mirror never tells you that you suck. The mirror shows who you are. You make the decision that you are ugly or you are beautiful by looking in it. Of course you can live without the mirror as long as you don’t care how you look to others.


I really like to see testers as mirrors. Some days, you don’t want to see your face in the mirror. Because you know you are not perfect, you have lot of defects. Sometimes, you are on a better mood and you want to please to others. You shave or you make up. You try to show your best face and you even motivate out loud: “Today, you are going to conquer the world!”

With your product, it’s the same. You can avoid looking for defects or you can ask the tester: what can I do to make my product friendlier, sexier, better looking? They surely have some useful answers…

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